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Pertolongan Pertama Pada Orang yang Alami Serangan Jantung

Heart attacks can strike anyone, anywhere. If you suspect or see someone who had a heart attack, act quickly to help save his life. Consider the steps of this first aid.

Quoted by the BBC, a heart attack is a condition in which one of the arteries that carry blood vessels blocked, usually this is caused by blood clots. The major risk of this condition will make the heart beat abnormally and even stopped.

American Heart Association (AHA) noted more than 1 million people have heart attacks each year and half of these died of a heart attack. Therefore, it is important for everyone to know how to rescue people who had a heart attack, as quoted from detikhealth.com .

1. Sit or lie down. If men, open belt he was wearing, if women opened her bra so she could breathe more easily.

2. Give aspirin if he did not have allergies. Aspirin helps thin the blood to clot and helps keep blood flowing to the arteries. Chewing aspirin during a heart attack can reduce the risk of death by 25 percent.

3. Direct telephone number or hospital emergency and explain the symptoms experienced a brief and clear, like "the patient experienced severe chest pain and difficulty breathing. "

4. Try not to waste time. 1 hour and 90 minutes since the heart attack until the trip to the hospital is expected to still be able to give relief to people affected by heart attacks.

1 hour is considered critical because according to doctors who handle patients experience a heart attack, most people are not helped in 1 hour first heart attack. Average heart attack patients died because delays in aid, weighing attack happened and the problem the ability of patients to surgery.

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